MINDSET Brain Gym™ Promotes Mental Fitness through Drop-In Meditation Classes & Pods

TORONTO, ON - (May 28, 2018) — Toronto residents will soon have a sleek refuge to recharge and train their brains when MINDSET Brain Gym opens its inaugural location in Yorkville this July.

Offering a premium, out-of-home meditation experience with intention-oriented classes and brainwave sensing technology, the first-of-its-kind MINDSET Brain Gym will cater to busy urban dwellers looking to maximize their cognitive performance, strengthen resilience, reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease from brain aging, and improve their overall mental health and well-being.

"Mindfulness meditation adoption is at a tipping point in the mental fitness revolution, and we’re positioning MINDSET Brain Gym at the forefront of this movement,” explains co-founder Sean Finnell.  “We’ve designed simple, guided sessions that yield high-performance results -- in an environment where every element has been carefully thought out for the best possible meditation experience.”

Elevated Experience — MINDSET Brain Gym’s unique features include brainwave measurement so clients can tangibly view how much their minds wandered during sessions and track their progress over time; custom ergonomic seating eases posture and enables optimal meditation positions; and a signature blend of diffused essential oils promote focus, relaxation and clarity.  For those who prefer more private meditation, there’s a zero-gravity Stillness Pod with immersive 3-D audio recordings.  Both classroom and pod are bathed in soothing, colour-changing lighting installations, in partnership with Nanoleaf™. Complimentary kombucha-on-tap at The Brain Bar helps clients refuel after class as they reflect in the living room. And while phones aren’t welcome in the studio, they’ll get a full charge in high-speed charging lockers.

Meditation Demystified — MINDSET Brain Gym brings the city’s leading meditation teachers and wellness professionals together under one roof to deliver high-quality instruction within the boutique drop-in fitness model. Clients choose between straightforward, intention-oriented classes based on their mental fitness goals: 101, to cover the basic foundations of meditation practice; Performance, to sharpen concentration and cognitive function; Resilience, to minimize the negative impact of stress and anxiety; Human, to increase empathy, self-compassion and emotional intelligence; Sleep, to boost melatonin under calming soundscapes; and Family, for parents to introduce their children to mindfulness. Additional workshops will also be offered outside of meditation, with topics ranging from journaling to exploring stoic philosophy.

Curated Retail — Complementing meditation practice, clients can purchase the MINDSET Journal, specifically designed with daily prompts to promote gratitude, introspection and healthy habit formation. Other retail offerings include a carefully curated book selection and book club, apparel, meditation accessories, and brain health vitamins.  

Maximizing Performance — Organizations from Fortune 100 companies to major league sports teams that have adopted mindfulness training are seeing measurable improvements in concentration, decision-making, stress levels, and the ability to perform under pressure. MINDSET Brain Gym will work together with leading Toronto employers and athletic organizations eager to gain a performance edge through bespoke private classes and corporate memberships.

Fees — Classes are available as either drop-in/pay-as-you-go at $25 per class and $100 for a 5-class package, or through unlimited memberships that start at $150 per month. MINDSET Brain Gym will offer an inaugural launch special: Two weeks of unlimited classes for $50.

For more information, please visit www.mindsetbraingym.com


Established in 2018, MINDSET Brain Gym is an upscale wellness lifestyle brand and community. Championing meditation, journaling, and learning as powerful tools to improve overall mental fitness, MINDSET Brain Gym caters to busy urban dwellers looking to maximize mental performance, strengthen resilience to stress and anxiety, and improve overall mental health and well-being.


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